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Did You Know?

More than 200 villages have formed across the U.S. since the first village in 2002. MCC is the only developed village in the state of Minnesota.

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Mill City Commons Village

We learn. We share. We engage. We give.

Mill City Commons brings together neighbors 55+ in Minneapolis's vibrant central Riverfront neighborhood who seek to live fully engaged, richly faceted lives as they age, while remaining in the homes they love.

If you're seeking fresh attitudes, meaningful connections and creative options to help you redefine your aging journey, Mill City Commons is for you! 

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Featured Events

We highlight a few events on a weekly basis; for all events visit the 
Event Calendar page.

Green Minneapolis: Enhancing Downtown Livability 11/12

Join us as Beth Shogren, executive director of Green Minneapolis, introduces us to the non-profit conservancy working to enhance the livability of downtown Minneapolis through greening and park projects.

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After Hours Connect: Your Brain on Retirement - Lessons from a Neuropsychology 11/15

Join us as Dr. Sarah Bridges talks about the neuroscience triggers in transition and how understanding brain science can help smooth change in our lives.

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Gingerbread Wonderland at Norway House 11/29

Here you’ll find familiar buildings and landmarks—both contemporary and historical—created by everyone from professional bakers to first-time gingerbread enthusiasts.

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